Predictive Health and Society

The Predictive Health and Society initiative was developed as a cooperative effort across all of the schools in the Woodruff Health Science Center and Emory College and in collaboration with representatives of the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech.  It includes new basic and translational research as well as innovative undergraduate and graduate level educational programs.  A PhD program in Predictive Health, currently under development in collaboration with the CDC, will be an interdisciplinary PhD program of the Laney Graduate School.

The Predictive Health program will require developing expertise in both laboratory and population sciences, and M2M students in this pathway will be required to develop equal depth in both areas of science.  The institutional commitments to the Predictive Health program provide an excellent opportunity for a formal graduate educational experience that crosses disciplinary boundaries.

The Predictive Health and Society program is based on the belief that the transformation of biomedicine made possible by scientific and technical advances will result from a focus on  defining health as a positive state, integrating biology, behavior and environment in the definition; on discovering/inventing new ways to measure and predict health that utilize cutting edge science and technology; on identifying processes that can be influenced by interventions intended to maintain the healthy state; and on developing strategies and tactics for translating this new knowledge to individuals and populations.

Professors Dr. Nael McCarty (School of Medicine) and Michelle Lampl (Department of Anthropology) are co-directors of this track.