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Research Rotations

All students are required to complete three 8 week-long research rotations. During the first few weeks of enrollment, students will hear about research opportunities from core and affiliated faculty. They will then select their first research rotation. Students must submit the required research rotation forms at the beginning and end of their research rotation in order to fulfill their graduation requirement.

Three research rotations should be completed by the end of the first year. The student should work at least 15 hours/week under faculty supervision. A research rotation conducted during the summer months should be full-time. Each rotation will be with a different faculty member and must include at least one rotation in laboratory-based sciences and one rotation in population-based sciences.

The goal is for the student to gain experience in a real research setting.  It is also an opportunity to develop a relationship with a faculty member and explore and develop dissertation research ideas.  During the student's second year in the program, they should be working with a faculty member on research that will develop into a dissertation.